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polygraph in criminal defense

Criminal Defense

Polygraphs are not only useful to determine whether your client is telling the truth or not, but polygraph testing and their results will assist any criminal defense lawyer in determining the right approach, arguments and defenses for negotiating, taking a plea and/or taking your client’s case to trial.

Polygraph in criminal defense is an invaluable service to any client.  If your client is named in a criminal investigation or charged with a criminal offense, take advantage of the statutory privilege every suspect and/or defendant has, and let our polygraph examination become your work product.  Scheduled an examination today at Motor City Polygraph, LLC

Not many people know that in Michigan, a defendant who is accused of committing a criminal sexual conduct offense has a statutory right to undergo a polygraph examination upon request. MCL 776.21(5)

Motor City Polygraph, LLC offers polygraphs as part of your criminal defense to just about every criminal offense.  Polygraph testing are offered, but not limited to, the following offenses:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • Arson
  • Home Invasion
  • Assault
  • Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
  • Uttering and Publishing

Who gets to see the Results of the Polygraph

According to Michigan law [MCL 338.1728] there is a statutory privilege that applies to polygraph examiners; therefore, any information obtained during a polygraph examination, when requested by an attorney, is subject to the attorney client privilege.  In Re Petition of Delaware (People v Marcy), 91 Mich App 399, 406-407 (1979).

So when your client subjects himself / herself to a polygraph examination with Motor City Polygraph, LLC, the information obtained by the examiner is subject to the same exclusivity, privilege wise, to the client and the lawyer who requested the polygraph.


Polygraphs in criminal defense have many benefits.  The work product can assist the criminal defense team on the right approach and the results are subject to the attorney client privilege.