Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19)

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Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19)

Michigan Gov. Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19). If your interested on how this order applies to the polygraph community, then keep reading on. Additionally, how to get our special offer to assist you in this difficult time.

The goal of Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19) is to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. It takes effect on March 24, 2020, and continues through April 13, 2020. The governor described this order as “Stay Home, Stay Safe”.

The purpose of this blog is NOT to provide legal advice about the order. We will discuss our opinion on how it applies to polygraph, but if you are seeking legal advise please consult with an attorney. Click here to read the order as shown on the State of Michigan website.

Polygraph Community

We are all affected by the spread of the coronavirus, including the polygraph community. Motor City Polygraph, LLC continues to monitor the precautionary guidance by local and national health organizations.

In regards to the local level, the recent order by Governor Whitmer doesn’t specifically list polygraph examiners as a “critical infrastructure worker”. Although, this can be argued because the polygraph community works closely with supervision and treatment professionals.

A critical infrastructure worker was simply defined as being necessary to sustain or protect life. Workers in law enforcement, public safety, and first responders are listed in the order (including other professions), but many people don’t realize that certain exams can increase public safety.

Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing

According to the American Polygraph Association, the goals of certain activities increase public safety. The model policy for post-conviction sex offender testing (PCSOT) states the following:

“The primary goal of all PCSOT activities should be to increase public safety by adding incremental validity to risk-assessment, risk-management, and treatment-planning decisions made by professionals who provide supervision and sex-offense specific treatment to persons convicted of a sexual offenses.”

American Polygraph Association (2018). Model Policy for Post-conviction Sex Offender Testing [Electronic version] Retrieved 03/24/2020, from http://www.polygraph.org

One of the objectives to PCSOT is “Detection”. This can alert supervision and treatment professionals to any level of threat to the community. One could argue that “any level of threat” is to sustain or protect life.

COVID-19 Concerns

Motor City Polygraph, LLC is aware of the COVID-19 concerns and we are monitoring current events daily. These can be difficult times for everyone and we feel it is our duty to keep you up to date on our business operations.

We all experience recent stress with the spread of the coronavirus. For example, shopping for basic essentials such as toilet paper can be nerve racking. Additionally, worrying about our loved ones and financial issues can be stressful, including the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order by the Michigan governor.

In addition to the recent stress, we understand that our services are valuable to the legal and treatment professionals. The legal community doesn’t close and the courts are still open. If fact, some attorneys are conducting their business remotely, including the courts.

With all the COVID-19 concerns, including the governor’s orders, we have temporarily suspended our current business operations. We are still available by phone / email and will address any polygraph questions or concerns. Our website is an excellent resource and we are still scheduling polygraph requests. Here is the link to view our availability.

Motor City Polygraph, LLC is offering a 20% discount. This discount applies to anyone who schedules and prepays for their polygraph examination during the time-fame listed in the governor’s Executive Order 2020-21 (Section 12: 03/24/2020 to 04/13/2020). The purpose of this discount is to give back to the community during this difficult time. Call us at 586-305-9422 to schedule an appointment or contact us on our website.


In summary, local and national health organizations are being monitored. Your safety and health is our top priority; therefore, we have temporarily suspended our business operations to reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please notify us by telephone and your appointment can be rescheduled. In conclusion, we will continue to sterilize our workstation, including the equipment after each use. Thank you for patience and support.