Am I suitable to take a lie detector test?

Motor City Polygraph, LLC adheres to the model policy as outlined in the American Polygraph Association. Most people are suitable to undergo a lie detector test, but it does have it's limitations.

Who uses a polygraph?

Polygraphs are used for a variety of reasons. In Michigan, the legal community uses polygraph for their client. Many attorneys request that their client submit to a private polygraph prior to a law enforcement polygraph. This request is work product for the attorney and information is subject to attorney-client privilege.

In additional to the legal community, polygraphs are used in the treatment community. The integration of polygraph testing in the treatment of addictions are very beneficial. It's not a supplement to treatment, but a decision-support tool to assist the treatment professionals.

The State of Michigan utilizes polygraph in sex offender management. Polygraph examiners who received specialized training in Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) work closely with supervision (parole/probation) and treatment professionals. We are PCSOT certified by the American Polygraph Association.

Lastly, polygraphs are used by individuals for private use. It can be domestic related, sports, statement verification, insurance claims, etc. The possibilities are endless.

What is the Employee Polygraph Protection Act?

Can a significant other be present during testing?

No, a third party observer is not allowed in room during the test.

What are the age requirements for polygraph testing?

The age requirements for polygraph testing is age 12 or older. There are several factors to consider, but functional maturity level is considered more important than the actual age. It is recommended by the American Polygraph Association that the Mean Age Equivalence (MAE) or Standard Age Score (SAS) is equivalent to a youth age 12 or older.

How much does a polygraph examination cost?

There are several factors in determining the cost of a polygraph examination. A typical examination, conducted at our office in Mt Clemens, is $500.00. Our pricing is within the average cost in Michigan, which is between $500 - $800.

Additional cost is added to our base price for off-site pricing. If interested in off-site testing, call our office to get a quote.


How long is a polygraph examination?

A polygraph examination is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours long. This gives the examiner time to complete the following procedures:

1. Pre-Test Interview
2. In-Test
3. Test Data Analysis
4. Post-Test Interview


Can polygraph testing be conducted during a pregnancy?

Motor City Polygraph, LLC reserves the right to deny any polygraph request if the examinee is pregnant. There is no published research that would preclude a pregnant woman to undergo polygraph testing, but it is a common practice within the polygraph community to deny this request. There are several factors that are mentioned in a published article by Donald J. Krapohl:

- Back Pain
- Nausea
- Mood swings
- Discomfort when sitting too long or in the wrong position
- Chronic stomach issues
- Sensitivities to touch
- Sudden urinary urges
- Occasional kick in the examinees ribs by unborn child

Due to medical considerations, it is the policy of Motor City Polygraph, LLC to deny polygraph requests if the examinee is pregnant.