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Treatment of sex addiction


Often times it is difficult for someone to admit that they have an addiction.  Their addiction may go unnoticed and/or untreated.  The use of polygraph testing by treatment professionals can aid in the treatment of sex addictions and/or pornography addictions.  If these addictions are not addressed, they will often lead to issues in that person’s life.

“Just as a heroin addict chases a substance-induced high, sex addicts are bingeing on chemicals, in this case, their own hormones” – Alexandra Katehakis

The integration of polygraph testing in the treatment of sex addictions or pornography addictions are very beneficial.  Polygraph can increase disclosure, deter and detect current behavior problems that can aid in the recovery process.

Treatment Professionals

Treatment professionals often find that sex addicts go to great length to maintain secrecy.  They create a world where the addiction is justified (rationalization) and therefore never addressed.  Along with secrecy, lying and a lack of acceptance often go hand-in-hand.  Lying and not accepting full responsibility for his/her past and present behaviors is detrimental in the recovery process.

Motor City Polygraph, LLC offers polygraph testing that focuses on sex addictions and pornography addictions.  In addition, we are PCSOT (Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing) certified by the American Polygraph Association and offer polygraph testing involving the following activities:

  • Voyeurism / sexual peeping
  • Exhibitionism / indecent exposure
  • Theft or use of underwear for sexual arousal
  • Frottage / sexual rubbing
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual contact with animals
  • Use of pornography
  • Use of alcohol and/or controlled substance


In conclusion, polygraph testing is not a substitute for a treatment program.  Further, it doesn’t replace the need for professional expertise.  It’s intended to be used as a decision-support tool that assists treatment professionals in making important treatment decisions for their client.  Given the sensitive and emotional nature of this information, a report, along with the polygraph results, are provided to the treatment professionals.